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Broken Pipes

Broken Pipes

Who do you need to call when you have broken pipes in your home or business? Your public adjuster! Any broken pipes, whether they be water supply lines, leaky air conditioners, sink drains, etc. can leave your property with a lot of damage. We can help represent you to your insurance company, making sure to claim all damages and negotiate your insurance settlement.

Water leaks resulting from broken pipes can cause water damage to floors, walls, cabinets, doors and even furniture. If your leak occurs on the second floor of your home or business, it can also cause major damages, leaking through to the floor beneath. The adjusters at Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters are skilled, experienced and knowledgable, knowing exactly what damages can be claimed and knowing how to work out a higher insurance settlement than if you were handling the claim on your own.

Did you know that if your broken pipes were to cause structural damage and mold, as well as additional expenses related to cleanup and the loss of power, that these expenses could be paid by your insurance company? We will include every bit of damage and expenses on your claim, from the most obvious, right down to the smallest detail, helping to secure you a larger insurance payment.

In some cases, property owners have seen up to a 500% higher payment on their insurance claim than if working without a public adjuster. We have years of experience assessing damages caused by broken pipes, roof leaks, fire and smoke, and by storms, and our credibility with insurance companies helps you.

Mold damage that can often follow a broken pipe and water damage, can lead to health problems, including asthma and headaches. In addition to getting the insurance company to pay for the water and mold damage, a public adjuster will also help find the right experts to help you clean up the mold, which can spread quickly through your property.

When broken pipes sends water leaking onto your property, make sure you call Atlantic Coast Public Adjusters. We will help find the right professionals to clean up the mess and we will make sure to get you the settlement you need to restore your property.